Fellowship Ministry

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About the ministry

Bringing people together!

Our purpose is to nurture meaningful relationships among our Church family. Our goal is to actively encourage fellowship at St. Andrew’s in exciting and new ways.

Special Events:

Turkey Supper (February); Curling Bonspiel (March); Golf Tournament (July)


Prayer Chain

Members of the Prayer Chain communicate the special needs and concerns of all members of the church by telephone and e-mail so that in the quiet of their homes and during their regular devotional periods they may address these needs in prayer.  Requests for specific prayers may be telephone to the church office, given to a member of the chain or dropped in a “prayer box” at the rear of the sanctuary.  “Prayers are gifts of love - gifts to give and gifts to receive.”



There is a well-organized and active group of volunteers who visit our members in the hospital and nursing homes; we are pleased with how these visitors complement the attentions of family members and friends during these periods.  We are grateful to God for the faith, love, compassion and dedication shown by the team to this important ministry.

One area of great need in our congregation is that of keeping in contact with all our members - active or inactive, visible or invisible.  People who have at least some of the attributes of good visitors and are willing to give a portion of their time to visiting a few people periodically are not always easy to find.  As a result, we do a less than satisfactory job in this category of visiting . . . but are striving to improve.  Additional visitors are always welcome and the ministers would be delighted to hear from you if you would be interested in helping to provide this valuable service.


Coffee Socials

Our “Coffee Social” is offered after each Sunday’s worship service by teams made up of volunteer members and adherents - and their families.  These volunteers are responsible for brewing the coffee and tea and preparing plates of cookies (provided by the church) or other treats prior to the worship service.  After all have been served, the volunteers wash and put away all dishes (following specified sanitary guidelines) and tidy the kitchen and the hall.  Each team is called upon to serve about five times a year.


Mary Marthas

The Mary Marthas is a women's fellowship group. Our monthly evening meetings include worship, guest speakers, Christian service, activities and fun. We organize several fundraising events annually, including the Good Friday breakfast, yard sales and rummage sales.  A Christmas tea, silent auction and bake sale is another major annual event.  Profits from these events are used for specific projects within the church and to aid worthy organizations working for the common good beyond our church walls.

Women of all ages are welcome!  For current information please call the church office at 705-324-4842. 


Daughters of St. Andrew's

The Daughters of St. Andrew’s is comprised of ladies of the church who wish to enjoy fellowship while putting an emphasis on study and prayer.  Usually, we enjoy eight regular afternoon meetings and two restaurant luncheon outings.  At regular meetings we have a short worship service followed by a program and refreshments.  The programs frequently involve guest speakers who are felt to have something to contribute to our general knowledge - spiritual and otherwise. 

The Daughters cater to receptions at St. Andrew’s - an activity which provides the bulk of our financial income which is used to further our Lord’s work at St. Andrew’s and beyond.