Christian Education

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About the Ministry

The mandate of the Christian Education Ministry is to provide programs of Christian education that are attractive to people of all ages that they may grow in faith, participate in the life of the Christian community and be active witnesses to Christ in the world. As a ministry, we strive to expand our reach to encompass as many people as possible and  coincide our goals to the overall goals of the church set by session.


Sunday School & Nursery

Sunday School is offered for children ages 3 through Grade 6 during worship on a rotation schedule.  The program includes Bible stories, crafts, music, and discussion about God and His love. 

Our Nursery is for children under the age of 3 who are cared for by dedicated volunteers.


Prayer Group

Several regular periods of time are set aside each week for those who wish to gather and communicate with God about issues which are close to their hearts whatever those concerns may be—international, national, local, or personal.  Anyone who wishes to become a part of one of those groups is asked to contact the church at 705-324-4842 and ask for details.


St. Andrews Youth Fellowship

SAYF . . . that's the St. Andrew's Youth Fellowship and it's for kids in grades 7 through 12. If that's you, we invite you to join our group which meets on Wednesday evenings from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.  We also meet one Friday evening per month from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.  The evening is spent doing a fun group activity sometimes at the church and sometimes away from the church.  There is always a really good snack and you can even bring a friend.  Call the church at 705-324-4842 for up-to-date information.



The library is open at any time the church is and members are free to sign out anything of interest to them.  Books, Magazines, CDs, DVDs & Videos for all ages are available in the Library and in our Sunday School areas.


Small Group Bible Studies

We strive to offer Bible Studies that are interesting and meaningful and enhance the faith journey of those who take these courses. We pray that our people will grow in a deeper walk with God.


Vacation bible school

VBS Kids’ Camp is offered to children in JK to Grade 6 each summer.  Bible lessons, music, drama, and a trip to Cedar Park Water Park.